A local server and graphics engine for multimedia playback and digital signage.

Android 5.0+ OpenGL ES Distributed Cache ExoPlayer HLS VAST

Powered by TargetR technology.

SignageNode displays multimedia on low cost devices running the Android Operating System. An internal server manages data in the background and an OpenGL rendering engine applies beautiful transitions to seamlessly flow between images, videos, web pages and text. Ideal for displaying digital art and digital signage.

  • Ahead-of-time media preparation to eliminate gaps and start delays.
  • Positionable graphics tiles to display multiple videos, images, web pages etc.
  • 60+ hardware accelerated transition animations between items in tiles.
  • Automatic cropping, zooming and panning for aspect ratio compatibility.
  • Multiple overlapping layers of tiles with independent playback controllers.
  • Custom components for HTML, VAST, RSS, Cameras etc.
  • Resolutions from 240p to 3840p depending on hardware.
  • Any aspect ratio and orientation.
  • High quality hardware scaling.
  • Pixel shaders to enhance image quality. (film grain, saturation etc)
  • Fault detection, logging and recovery.
  • Web server and web based interface for configuration and diagnostics.
  • Multi-device media sharing (including HLS) with distributed caching proxy on LAN.
  • OpenGL ES renderer
  • Tile controllers
  • Internal web server
  • Node finder
  • Caching proxy
  • Cache primer
  • Transition engine
  • Shader engine
  • VAST
  • ExoPlayer
  • Administration interface

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